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Issaquah, Washington

Introduction Most Masons are aware, although perhaps only vaguely, that Islamic countries in general, and the religion of Islam in particular, have a problem with Freemasonry. However few, one suspects, are aware of the reasons for this, or of the historical and current situations. The purpose of this paper is to examine the causes of Islamic antipathy towards the Craft, locate them within an historical perspective, and discuss the surrounding issues. The focus will be on Arabic countries, but reference will be made to other Islamic countries. A lodge in Palestine followed it in However, most Masonic development was spawned in this century, beginning with English lodges located in Iraq shortly after the First World War. Unfortunately, the lot of the Craft in the Middle East has not generally been a happy one. Only in Israel, which possesses a mainstream Grand Lodge, and to a lesser extent in Lebanon, has Masonry flourished in recent times. A few German lodges are warranted for Saudi Arabia, but these effectively do not meet, and their longer-term future must be uncertain. In Iran, which has lately had a regular Grand Lodge, Freemasonry has been destroyed, almost literally, and this occurrence must rate as one of the greatest tragedies in Masonic history.

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According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, Issaquah ranked 6th of eligible incorporated communities in population growth between and The population density was 2, There were 13, housing units at an average density of 1, The racial makeup of the city was

The rise of the Nationalist Movement in Egypt and the assumption of power by President Nasser led to Freemasonry being suppressed in the mid s.

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Initial population growth in Kent was influenced by the location on the Cuyahoga River which led to the development of industrial and manufacturing jobs. There were 11, housing units at an average density of 1, The racial makeup of the city was The average household size in Kent was 2. The median age was The city"s population was

Whether these deaths were occasioned for political or anti-Masonic reasons will probably never be known, and the fate of many Iranian Masons may equally remain a mystery.

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There are too many myths that are allowed to continue.

latest articles about the northern territory

Its thirty founding lodges consisted of all those in Israel holding Scottish charters, those under the National Grand Lodge of Palestine, and the five German lodges.

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However, most Masonic development was spawned in this century, beginning with English lodges located in Iraq shortly after the First World War.

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