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Lunar month The following types of months are mainly of significance in astronomy, most of them but not the distinction between sidereal and tropical months first recognized in Babylonian lunar astronomy. The sidereal month is defined as the Moon’s orbital period in a non-rotating frame of reference which on average is equal to its rotation period in the same frame. It is about It is closely equal to the time it takes the Moon to pass twice a “fixed” star different stars give different results because all have a very small proper motion and are not really fixed in position. A synodic month is the most familiar lunar cycle, defined as the time interval between two consecutive occurrences of a particular phase such as new moon or full moon as seen by an observer on Earth. The mean length of the synodic month is Due to the eccentricity of the lunar orbit around Earth and to a lesser degree, the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun , the length of a synodic month can vary by up to seven hours. The tropical month is the average time for the Moon to pass twice through the same equinox point of the sky. An anomalistic month is the average time the Moon takes to go from perigee to perigee – the point in the Moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. An anomalistic month is about

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A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future. Einstein right with friends Conrad Habicht and Maurice Solovine, ca. Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. Einstein had been annoyed that Paul Drude, editor of Annalen der Physik, had dismissed out of hand some criticisms Einstein made of Drude’s electron theory of metals. Opening of a letter to his friend Conrad Habicht in which he describes his four revolutionary Annus Mirabilis papers 18 or 25 May Doc.

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Hedge laying If hedges are not maintained and trimmed regularly, gaps tend to form at the base over many years. In essence, hedgelaying consists of cutting most of the way through the stem of each plant near the base, bending it over and interweaving or pleaching it between wooden stakes. This also encourages new growth from the base of each plant. Originally, the main purpose of hedgelaying was to ensure the hedge remained stock-proof. Some side branches were also removed and used as firewood.

The maintenance and laying of hedges to form an impenetrable barrier for farm animals is a skilled art. In Britain there are many local hedgelaying traditions, each with a distinct style. Hedges are still being laid today [9] not only for aesthetic and functional purposes but also for their ecological role in helping wildlife and protecting against soil erosion.

Trimmed hedges at Mission San Juan Capistrano in California An alternative to hedge laying is trimming using a tractor-mounted flail cutter or circular saw, or a hedge trimmer [10]. The height of the cutting can be increased a little every year. Trimming a hedge helps to promote bushy growth.

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Growth rings are the rings ithat can be seen when a tree is cut. S right to be treated as an equal within. Each ring equals one year of growth.

This is what the painter does, and the poet, the speculative philosopher, the natural scientist, each in his own way.

We were asked to propose for a roof-top extension within strict height and insolation regulation. A building of former Estonian jersey producer Marat was turned into an office building in Since the refurbishment project presented massiveness of the former factory building, we tried to comment by bringing contrast in terms of volume, articulation and choice of material.

Riga Passenger Terminal Riia Reisijate Terminal , Urban planning concept The planning of the area is based on organisation of logistics, while creating open public spaces with different qualities. Plaza at Andrejosta Bay at the south end is main meeting point of the area, a market place and picnic ground along the hustle of terminal passengers and vehicles moving both on water and on ground. Urban planning concept The planning of the area is based on organisation of logistics, while creating open public spaces with different qualities.

There are series of public spaces of different qualities and for different activities in the adjacent Daugava bank area. All the squares represent different functions and use, the character is easily distinguished with different materials, colours and structure: Terminal building The Terminal is a relatively simple volume 28m wide and m long, conceived as an extension of the promenade. The simple volume is accentuated with series of stairs.

The stair provides shelters from the strong wind, typical of water front, as well as viewing platforms towards the river, the yacht harbour and the Old town.

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The neat rows of square stones at the top are called “edgers”.


The Science and Life of Albert Einstein , p.

Albert Einstein

How does it happen that a properly endowed natural scientist comes to concern himself with epistemology?

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