Polaris Booster Pump Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

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The Polaris booster pump is equipped with a drain plug that is located on the bottom of the volute.

The best thing to do is to manually shut the timer off and then disconnect the electrical cord from the outlet. This will ensure that your pump does not turn on while your working on it. If you do not have a timer you can just skip that step and make sure that the motor is unplugged from the power source. There are two different ways that your Polaris Booster pump can hook up to your swimming pool filter system.

If you have a Polaris pump that is connected with flexible hoses and quick connects then disconnecting your pump will require no tools. This can require a bit of strength as sometimes the hoses and the quick connect rings. The Polaris hose will sometimes be stuck as well and you will need to pull really hard to get the hose off of the quick connect fitting. If you have a Polaris pump that is plumbed in with rigid PVC pipe then you will need a pair of channel lock pliers.

You will want to look for the union fitting that should be plumbed into both the Polaris feed and return line.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

Hook Up Polaris Can someone tell me where I hook up a. Once this system is set up, using the Polaris is a breeze! All you have to do is hook up the appropriate length of hoses, drop it in the pool,. Installing a pressure-side pool cleaner like the Polaris or the Polaris , is a great way to automatically clean your pool, giving you more. The Polaris booster pump supplies high pressure.

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Polaris 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Though it is a useful machine that saves time when cleaning your pool, the does not always operate as intended. On those occasions, you will have to make adjustments to the machine to restore performance. Troubleshoot the to fix any errors in operation. Running with Less Power Than Normal Since the is basically an automatic vacuum cleaner for your pool, there may be times when the machine starts to slow down due to the filters clogging with debris.

Use the edit pull down menu in your browser and search for the key type you are looking for if you don’t see it right away.

The booster pump provides a higher pressure then the swimming pool pump can so it can drive the Polaris cleaning unit. From time to time your booster pump will need some repairs or could have a problems that can only be diagnosed with some booster pump troubleshooting. Some common things that go wrong with the Polaris booster pump are bad mechanical pump seals, overheated suction and discharge fittings and leaks from the Polaris quick connect fittings.

All of these problems can be fixed with a few replacement parts that are available online or from your local swimming pool supply store that carries replacement Polaris booster pump parts. To avoid costly booster pump repairs you should always replace the small parts that are starting to show wear or damage right away. Soon as you see it leak replace it. This goes for anything else you see going bad on the pump. If you feel that something is going to break or looks like its damaged, you will want to shut the pump off right away and fix the problem.

You will have to remove the front of the pump to first access the impeller. Once you have the front of the volute off you will want to now remove the impeller. In order to remove the impeller you will have to grab the back of the motor shaft and then with your other hand you will want to twist the impeller counter clockwise spinning it until it spins completely from the motor shaft.

Polaris Booster Pump & Motor Overhaul / Rebuild Guide

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The two smaller companions are Polaris B, a 1.

Home Improvement How to Troubleshoot a Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner Polaris, a division of Zodiac Pool Systems, offers a product lineup that encompasses high-tech pool-maintenance gizmos such as fully robotic cleaners and high-performance booster pumps. Among these devices, the Polaris Vac-Sweep automatic pressure cleaner for inground pools touts triple jets and 31 feet of feed hose. These features may lead to increased convenience, but they also mean the Vac-Sweep requires a little more care than the average pool skimmer.

Filter Fixes If the Vac-Sweep operates sluggishly or seems to lack power, a dirty filter may be at fault. To clean the in-line filter screen, open the cylindrical filter housing — located at the end of the ‘s feed hose — and pull out the filter. Rinse the filter thoroughly with clean water before replacing it. Cleaning your pool’s filter, skimmer basket and pump basket or emptying the ‘s bag may help out when the device runs slowly or does not move backward.

Wheel Woes When the pool cleaner gets hung up on obstacles for more than three minutes at a time, runs sluggishly or repeatedly fails to make contact with the bottom of the pool, look into the device’s wheel rpm. To determine rpm, mark the single-wheel side tire with a piece of colored tape. Hold the below water level, turn on the pump and count the number of times the wheel rotates in one minute.

If the rpm is less than 28, clean the filter and clear its pump basket to encourage water flow, or remove the blue restriction disk from the unit’s universal wall fitting, which you can open with an unscrewing motion.

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If the Polaris cleaner regularly displays the following actions, adjustments may be necessary to restore performance. Refer to the exploded parts diagram for part references. All numbers on this page refer to parts on the parts diagram.

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The Polaris works off of the main pool circulation pump pressure and does not require a booster pump.

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Runs off the pressure from your pools regular return line. Unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system Our most advanced pressure-side automatic pool cleaner that operates without a separate booster pump. The Polaris easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and is suitable for all in-ground pools. It sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums all surfaces of the pool.

It also traps large debris like leaves and pebbles in its own filter bag. Zodiac heat pumps are warranted for two 2 years.

This will hold the seat in place inside the seal housing and also safeguard the seal base from leaking.

Auto cleaners roll over the bottom of the pool using water pressure to suck up and capture debris. The Polaris consists of many parts, including a plastic upper and lower body, quick disconnect wall fitting, sectioned hose and leaf bag. These components are the most common to malfunction because of continued use. Fixing the Polaris involves cleaning the quick-disconnect screen, emptying the leaf bag and replacing the hose connections.

Unscrew the quick-disconnect valve from the pool return line. Pull the small round screen out of the quick-disconnect. Clean the screen thoroughly with water and place the screen back into the quick-disconnect. Replace the old screen with a new screen if there are rips or tears in the mesh of the screen. A broken screen allows debris to enter the Polaris hose lines and potentially clog.

Unstrap the leaf bag from the top of the Polaris body. Empty the contents of the bag and reattach the bad to the Polaris. Emptying the bag reduces the weight of the sweep, allowing for easier maneuvering and further cleaning. Place the Polaris in the pool.

Polaris 360 Is Not Moving (Adjusting RPM)